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11 Reasons Why Steaming Your Yoni Will Change your life!


☥Yoni Steam Spa Night ☥


☆ The ceremony is open to 5 Yonis
☆ Sign up and payment in advance to hold your spot, see below for link. 
☆ Self-Investment Exchange = $38, $35 Returning Wombyn

 Location details:
Hilo Natural Health
152 Puueo St. 
Hilo, HI 96720

What you need to bring:
☆ Blanket or sheet to wrap around yourself
☆ Yoga Mat
☆ Alter Adornments
☆ A Willingness to Awaken to your Sovereign Shakti Self

What is provided:
☆ Your own personal Yoni Steam Thrown
☆ Herbal Medicine, Infused and Blessed
☆ Healing Sound Bowl Womb Meditation
☆ Powerful Affirmations
☆ Ceremony Sister Circle
☆ Whatever comes through and as..
☆ Special product and session discounts