Naturopathic Primary Care:

Initial Naturopathic Office Visit  (1.5 - 2 hours):  $150

Return Office Visits  (45 min - 1 hour):  $85 


Specialty Treatments: 

Gemstone Meridian Therapy(1 hour): $55                                               

Mayan Uterine Healing Therapy (1 hour): $65                                                

Cranial Unwinding Therapy (1 hour): $65

Holistic Counseling and the Mind Body Connection (1 hour): $85


**Price includes intake, relevant physical exam, in office treatment, and take home treatment plan. Labs and Medications/Supplements are additional***

**15% Discount available for Students, Teachers, Seniors (65+) and Veterans**

**Dr. Renfer does trades for services and/or goods on a case by case basis**