Dr. Jessica Renfer, Naturopathic Doctor


Welcome to Inspired Light Natural Health!

I am excited to assist you along your own unique and beautiful healing journey. I believe strongly in the bodies’ natural ability to heal, and am passionate about enhancing that power with supportive natural and holistic therapies. My interest in healthcare began with a love of natural sciences developed as a student of biomedical engineering, biochemistry and cell biology at the University of California, San Diego.   As I began to learn and understand more about biological processes, I realized that the answers I was seeking did not lie simply in a research lab, but in exploring and observing the natural world.  It was through this connection with the healing power of nature that my true passion for holistic medicine was sparked, and I was inspired to pursue Naturopathic Medicine.

I attended the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. During that time I gathered knowledge and experience in many natural ways to address health and dis-ease. As Naturopathic Doctors we are privileged to be education in a wide variety of healing modalities and are exposed to many different philosophies of health and wellness. This allows for true holistic, individualized approach to the healing process.  My particular interests are mind-body medicine, botanical medicine, cranial unwinding and emotional release work, fasting and detoxification programs, and using food as medicine. 

My personal philosophy is that dis-Ease is our greatest teacher, physical symptoms have roots in the mind as well as in our emotional experiences and responses. I work with people to unwind the blockages within that inhibit living in the full expression of health and vitality. I work with earth based, naturalistic and holistic medicine. We find medicine in our food, in herbs, both culinary and medicinal, in movement, play and self-care. Much of health is creating the space in our lives to care for ourselves as we do for others. 

I work with patients of all genders, ages and backgrounds and lifestyles, both in a private practice and retreat settings. In my spare time I love to explore this beautiful island, swim in the ocean and waterfalls, create in the kitchen and spend time enjoying my family and friends. Music and art are an outlet from which inspiration from and believe that creative arts of all kinds are powerful healing tools, and part of a joyous, fulfilling life.  I believe in striving for a balanced life and it is my hope to inspire others to do so as well. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to practice medicine on the Big Island Hawaii because of the awe-inspiring natural beauty, aloha spirit and strong sense of community.   I am excited to share my passion and knowledge with my new and growing Ohana.




Dr. Renfer completed her doctorate degree and four- year training in Naturopathic Medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Prior to attending SCNM, Dr. Renfer completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry & Cell biology at the University of California San Diego and was involved in Alzheimer’s and autoimmune diagnostic research projects. She established Inspired Light Natural Health LLC in early 2015. Dr. Renfer also works as the Medical Director of the Terrain Modification Retreat of Hawaii based in Hakalau, HI.