Dry Skin Brushing


  • The lymphatic system is important for eliminating waste and dead cells from our body, by transferring them to the bloodstream ready for elimination. 
  • Poor lymphatic flow is one major factor contributing to inflammation and consequently linked to many diseases.  
  • Increases circulation to the skin, increasing elimination of toxic waste
  • Exfoliation softens skin, allows skin to “breathe”
  • Reduces cellulite

What you need: 

  • A soft, natural-fiber body brush. Brushes with handles make it easier to reach the back. 


  • Skin and brush should be dry. The best time to do this is right before showering. 
  • Brush the skin towards the heart, this follows the natural flow of lymph. 
  • Pressure should be firm, but not painful. Avoid sensitive areas such as face and genitals. Also do not brush over irritated or injured skin. 
  • Start with short strokes in the armpit area, then extend the stokes to circle the chest/breast area by going under the breast and up towards the heart between the nipples. Then begin longer strokes up the arm. Finish the arm with long strokes from hands to shoulder.
  • For the lower extremities, start with short upwards strokes in the groin area, then extend to the thigh, calves and feet. Make sure to get the whole leg, back and front. End with long strokes from feet to hips. 
  • Then brush abdomen and back, on the back try and go towards the spine, lower abdomen brush towards the groin (this is the exception to the towards the heart rule, the lymph vessels in the lower abdomen drain in the groin). Brush upper abdomen up and towards the heart. 
  • Finish with a few more long strokes hands to shoulders and feet to abdomen.